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CNP for Older, Underserved African-American Adults

Project Description

The CNP for Older, Underserved African-American Adults will mobilize an intensive system of community-based participatory education, training, and research to meet the health and welfare needs of Detroit's socially and economically challenged urban neighborhoods. Its goal is to significantly improve this population's access to beneficial interventions designed to increase cancer screening, early-stage detection, diagnosis, and treatment.

Researchers and clinicians at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, the Institute of Gerontology, and the Center for Urban and African American Health-all located at Wayne State University1 in downtown Detroit-aim to create enduring partnerships among community leaders, researchers, and medical professionals to facilitate and sustain education, research, and training programs that: (1) address disparities in year 1; (2) develop community-based participatory research and training projects to promote secondary prevention behaviors, including early detection, treatment seeking, and routine surveillance, in year 2; and (3) implement, evaluate, and sustain interventions and research to eradicate cancer health disparities in years 3-5.

  1. One of Wayne State University's goals is to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with our community as a catalyst for the region's social, cultural, economic, and educational enrichment. The university serves the public health interests of county residents by continually evaluating communitywide health needs and environmental conditions, developing comprehensive personal and environmental health policies to prevent disease and prolong life, and continually improving services to enhance quality of life.
Updated: 07/23/09