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Regional Native American Community Networks Program

Project Description

The Regional Native American Community Networks Program will enhance existing relationships and programs and build new bridges to improve education, training, and research. This program, housed at the University of Washington1, will use community-based, participatory methods in an integrated, stepwise strategy to: (1) increase cancer education activities among Native Americans/Alaska Natives; (2) build the capacity of tribal colleges and universities to become partners and leaders in cancer-related investigative and dissemination efforts; (3) enhance training opportunities for Native researchers; (4) conduct community-based research on access to care, health promotion, and disease prevention activities targeting key cancer disparity issues; and (5) reduce cancer-related health disparities by increasing access to and use of feasible interventions. To achieve these aims, the program will organize network participants into several cores and operational units, each with distinct but connected functions.

  1. The University of Washington consistently ranks second among all educational institutions in the United States and first among public universities. The university's medical center has built a strong interdisciplinary research team to address chronic conditions through activities that encompass clinical assessment, physiology, epidemiology, and prevention.
Updated: 05/05/11