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University of Oklahoma Community Networks Project (OUCNP)

Project Description

Using a model of community participatory planning and research, the University of Oklahoma Community Networks Project (OUCNP) seeks to reduce cancer health disparities by: (1) establishing a collaborative network involving the University of Oklahoma Cancer Center1, the Oklahoma State Health Department, the Cherokee Nation, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, and the Oklahoma Conference of Black Mayors; (2) increasing these partners' capacity to support community-based participatory education, research, and training efforts; (3) developing community-based participatory research and training programs; and (4) establishing credible and sustainable activities that reduce cancer health disparities.

Within each community, local Community Outreach Specialists and Advisory Committees will evaluate cancer health disparities, assess needs, and design and deliver culturally competent research, training, and prevention and control activities. The OUCNP will provide evidence-based information on reducing cancer disparities to decision and policy makers at the local, state, and national levels.

  1. The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (HSC) was founded in 1971 when the University of Oklahoma changed its name and all schools on the HSC campus were designated as colleges. In 1976, the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Health, and Dentistry and the Graduate College were joined in Oklahoma City by the College of Pharmacy, the oldest academic unit at the University of Oklahoma.
Updated: 07/23/09