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Appalachia Community Cancer Network

Project Description

The Appalachia Community Cancer Network (ACCN) comprises a multidisciplinary team of collaborators from academic institutions and communities in Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, and Virginia. The ACCN, housed at the University of Kentucky's Markey Cancer Center1, will address cancer health disparities in the Appalachian areas within these seven states, which are home to some of the most medically underserved and economically disadvantaged people in the United States.

The long-term objectives of the ACCN are to: (1) build on the foundation established by the Appalachia Cancer Network (ACN) Special Populations Network by developing and maintaining new community partnerships to facilitate research and action to reduce cancer health disparities; (2) conduct community-based participatory research projects, such as focused needs assessments, intervention research, and policy assessments; (3) develop pilot research projects that focus on primary and secondary prevention of lung, cervical, and colorectal cancers in Appalachia; and (4) train Appalachian researchers in community-based participatory research.

  1. The University of Kentucky's multifaceted Cancer Control Program is part of the Markey Cancer Center. The program conducts surveillance, outreach, and intervention research in a collegial environment that fosters collaboration, encourages sharing of resources, and promotes quality research.
Updated: 07/23/09