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South Carolina Cancer Disparities Community Networks

Project Description

The overall goal of the South Carolina Cancer Disparities Community Networks (SCCDCN) at the University of South Carolina1 is to develop and increase capacity to support community-based participatory research, education, and training to reduce cancer health disparities among African Americans in South Carolina. Multidisciplinary investigators and collaborative partners, including individual members of the community, will determine research priorities using a faith-based approach.

Research activities will include: (1) initiating pilot community-based participatory research projects; (2) constructing a strategic plan for recruiting and training researchers and community practitioners to conduct cancer health disparities research; and (3) evaluating programmatic and project-specific activities. The project will focus on institutionalizing, expanding, and formally disseminating activities that reduce cancer health disparities by involving additional community partners, seeking programmatic funding, and disseminating evidence-based information to promote reduction of cancer health disparities among African Americans in South Carolina.

  1. The University of South Carolina Research Foundation is a major initiative to increase support for faculty doing research. The Foundation provides greater flexibility and competitiveness in implementing research grants and contracts, building infrastructure and developing intellectual property for the faculty. The Foundation is an element in the University's strategy for research growth, supporting faculty efforts and helping the University faculty with their scholarship goals.
Updated: 08/24/09