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Arkansas Cancer Community Network

Project Description

The Arkansas Cancer Community Network (AR-CCN) at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences1 seeks to build upon the accomplishments of the Arkansas Special Populations Access Network (ASPAN) for the continued development and implementation of community-based participatory research and training programs. AR-CCN will work with communities to: (1) discover culturally competent methods to reduce disparities; (2) measure and evaluate disparity reduction; (3) apply this information through dissemination and policy development; and (4) increase local capacity for sustainable cancer control activities.

The AR-CCN will draw upon the expertise of multiple institutional and community partners and collaborations with other NCI-supported programs to increase the use and integration of beneficial interventions and leverage non-NCI funds for community-based education, prevention, and screening activities. In later phases of the project, the Network will expand its training and preparation programs, develop pilot research projects to reduce cancer health disparities, and provide evidence-based information to local, state, and Federal decision and policy makers.

  1. The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, established in 1879, is the state's largest, most comprehensive facility for biomedical research, medical treatment, and education. The university offers medical services to patients in a medically underserved region of the nation.
Updated: 07/23/09