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ATECAR - Asian Community Cancer Network

Project Description

ATECAR - Asian Community Cancer Network (ACCN) at Temple University1 focuses on four major ethnic groups residing in the eastern region of the United States-Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, and Cambodian-of whom over 60 percent are recent immigrants. The Network's goals and objectives are based on groundwork laid by the Asian Tobacco Education and Cancer Awareness Research Initiative (ATECAR) Special Populations Networks project, which developed partnerships with more than 70 community-based organizations, academic institutions, and multilingual, multiethnic researchers and trainers. The ATECAR-ACCN will expand the ATECAR network to increase its capacity to support community-based participatory research, education, intervention, training, and early detection.

  1. Temple University Health System provides an array of services to facilitate the linkage of community- and medical center-based physicians. Temple University's academic and community hospitals, medical school, community-based health care facilities, and home care services deliver health care on a regionwide basis.
Updated: 07/23/09