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Hispanic Community Network to Reduce Cancer Disparities

Project Description

The overall goal of the Hispanic Community Network to Reduce Cancer Disparities project at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center1 is to work with Latino/Hispanic community partners to reduce the cancer health disparities experienced by many Latinos/Hispanics living in the Yakima Valley, a rural area in the state of Washington. This program will build an infrastructure of community partners to: (1) promote cancer awareness and education efforts in the Valley; (2) establish a system to recruit minority students to work on cancer prevention projects; and (3) develop pilot and community-based research projects to address specific cancer disparities among the Latino/Hispanic communities of the Yakima Valley. An External Advisory Group will provide feedback to the Network, and a Steering Committee of Network members will oversee research, awareness, and education activities.

  1. The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center-an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center-is an independent, freestanding, nonprofit corporation in the state of Washington. Its mission is the elimination of cancer as a cause of human suffering and death. The Center conducts research to improve the prevention and treatment of cancer and related diseases.
Updated: 07/23/09