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Ming Zhao, Ph.D. Ming Zhao, Ph.D.

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Dr. Zhao, Ph.D., is a Program Director in the Disparities Research Branch in the Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities (CRCHD) at the National Cancer Institute. In this role, Dr. Zhao develops programs that address the biological factors related to cancer disparities, and takes part in various initiatives involving basic cancer research and cancer health disparities.

Prior to his appointment at CRCHD, Dr. Zhao worked as a senior scientist at the GE Global Research Center and as a scientist at Pfizer. He has broad research experience in the development of molecular medicine for early diagnosis of cancer, the application of human embryonic stem cells, DNA cloning without cells, biological assay development for bio-compatibility in healthcare applications, and drug discovery in diabetes, obesity, and the central nervous system diseases. Dr. Zhao has co-authored over 20 technical reports for GE and Pfizer.

Dr. Zhao received his B.S./M.S. degrees from Shandong University, China, and his Ph.D. in molecular biology and biochemistry from the Department of Biological Sciences, Wayne State University. He carried out postdoctoral research at both the University of Michigan Medical School and Wayne State University.

Select Publications and Presentations

Nitish Agrawal, Brian Lee, Ming Zhao, Jennifer Huntington, Michael Marino, Nicole Barnhardt, Nichole Wood and Dinko González Trotter. Bioconjugation, Labeling, Evaluation and initial in vivo Imaging of Peptide Nucleic Acid-Antibody Conjugates. Poster/abstract presented at the Annual Conference of In Vivo Molecular Imaging, 2006.

Ming Zhao, Nichole Wood, Faisal Syud, Andrew Torres, Mark Baillie, Jennifer Huntington, Lisa Schoonmaker and Dinko González Trotter. In Vitro Characterization of PNA-Conjugated Anti-CEA Mouse Monoclonal Antibody T84.66 for PET imaging of colon cancer. Poster/abstract presented at the Academy of Molecular Imaging Annual Conference, 2006.

Jay B. Silkworth, Anna Kagnoti, Kati Illouz, Antonio Possolo, Ming Zhao and Stephen B. Hamilton. Comparison of TCDD and PCB CYP1A induction sensitivities in fresh hepatocytes from human donors, Sprague-dawley rats, and rhesus monkeys and HepG2 cells. Toxicological Sciences, 2005, 87(2), 508-519.

Zhao, M, Arunajadai, S, Illouz, K, Possolo, A, Hamilton, SB, Goodwin, S, Sutter, TR, and Silkworth, JB. Comparison of Aroclor and TCDD responsive genes between in vivo and in vitro exposures using DNA microarrays. Poster/abstract presented at the Annual Conference of Society of Toxicology, 2005.

Mark R. Gilder, Ming Zhao (co-first author), Joshua M. Temkin, and Brion D. Sarachan. BioPet: A comprehensive online database for elucidating and visualizing biological pathways, protein interactions, and microarray data. Transactions of the Integrated Biomedical Informatics & Enabling Technologies Symposium Journal. Windber Research Institute, Windber PA, USA. 2004, 1: 124-130.

Illouz, K., Possolo, A, Zhao, M., Hoffman, G.M., Hamilton, S.B., Huang, Y., Sutter, T.R., and Silkworth, J.B.. Multi-factorial analysis of TEQ-equivalent Aroclor and TCDD treated rats reveals differential gene expression profiles. Poster/abstract presented at the Annual Conference of Society of Toxicology Conference, 2003.

Jiang, F., Ryan, M. T., Schlame, M., Zhao, M., Gu, Z., Klingenberg, M., Pfanner, N., Greenberg, M. L. 2000. Absence of cardiolipin in the crd1 null mutant results in decreased mitochondrial membrane potential and reduced mitochondrial function. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 275(29): 22387-22394.

Zhao, M., Schlame, M., Rua, D. and Greenberg, M.L., 1998. Cardiolipin synthase is associated with a large complex in yeast mitochondria. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 273(4): 2402-2408.

Zhao, M., Rua, D., Hajra, A.K. and Greenberg, M.L., 1998. Enzymatic synthesis of CDP-Diacylglycerol. Analytical Biochemistry 258: 48-52.

Schlame, M., Zhao, M., Rua, D., Haldar, D. and Greenberg, M.L., 1995. Kinetic analysis of cardiolipin synthase: a membrane enzyme with two glycerophospholipid substrates. Lipids 30(7): 633-640.


Dr. Zhao has published/filed 7 patents.

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