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National Outreach Network

What is the National Cancer Institute National Outreach Network (NON)?

The National Cancer Institute's National Outreach Network (NON) is a multidisciplinary program that bridges NCI-supported outreach and community education efforts with cancer health disparities research and training programs.

NON was developed to provide outreach and education to underrepresented and at-risk communities, so that they will have the cancer information they need to make sound decisions about their prevention behaviors, screening and treatment options, and health and cancer care. It also provides information on clinical research and specimen collections. NON's communication strategy, which is culturally tailored to the specific population being addressed, includes information dissemination, community outreach, and prevention and health promotion programs.

Each grantee site has a Community Health Educator (CHE) who works as a liason among the researchers, partners, and community to address needs and disseminate culturally tailored cancer information.

NON is one of two programs within the Integrated Networks Program (INP) that focuses on connecting at-risk and underserved communities with NCI research, training, and outreach efforts, with the ultimate aim of advancing the understanding of the biological and social causes of cancer health disparities.

Below you will find a map of all the NON Community Health Educator sites.

Who participates in NON?

Community-based programs that participate in NON are the Community Networks Program Centers (CNP-C), the Comprehensive Partnerships to Advance Cancer Health Equity (PACHE) (formerly MI/CCP), the Patient Navigation Research Program (PNRP), the Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP), the Minority-Based Community Clinical Oncology Program (MB-CCOP), and NCI-Designated Cancer Centers.

Collectively, these community-based programs, all with proven track records, provide the foundation for the NON network.

Updated: 10/17/14