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  • Creating A National Outreach Network

    Community Training Classroom Environment

    NCI recently announced plans to incorporate its community outreach and cancer information dissemination activities into NCI-funded community-based research programs, creating a National Outreach Network within our medically underserved communities. This new Outreach Network will be established in several phases, beginning with the appointment of Mr. James Hadley as the National Outreach Network director/coordinator.

In the Field

Dr. Kagawa-Singer teaches a class of students at UCLA
Dr. Marjorie Kagawa Singer lectures about the role of culture in qualitative research to students in the Minority Training Program in Cancer Control Research

As a third-generation Japanese-American Dr. Margie Kagawa-Singer, PhD, MA, MN, RN had no idea that her upbringing in an isolated community in Berkeley, California would lead her to study how illness is traditionally perceived and cured around the world. Living in the 60’s in an isolated neighborhood—one that only Asians and Blacks could buy property—Dr. Kagawa-Singer learned firsthand what health disparities meant. Read more

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At the this year’s Professional Development Workshop, a number of awards were given out for stellar Podium and Poster presentations.

Dr. Tung Nguyen

Dr. Tung Nguyen, CNP Grantee, was promoted to Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco for his outstanding efforts as a clinician educator.

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