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Grantee Spotlights

Here is an in-depth look at specific CRCHD staff, investigators, grantees, and trainees, focusing on their background and role in the field of cancer health disparities and cancer health disparities research.


  • New! Adeyinka Laiyemo
    Get to know more about Dr. Adeyinka Laiyemo and his pivotal role as an expert in colorectal cancer and cancer health disparities.
  • New! Bimal Banik
    Learn about exciting and new scientific research conducted by CRCHD P20 Grantee Dr. Bimal Banik to find new drugs to treat cancer.
  • New! AACR-MICR Special Spotlight: Maria Elena Martinez
    Click above to read a brief spotlight on Dr. Maria Elena Martinez, Chair for the MICR Council at the AACR 102nd Annual Meeting.
  • Special Edition Spotlight: A Closer Look at CRCHD
    Read through this article published in the NCI Administrative Newsletter that highlights the history and future directions of CRCHD.
  • Special Edition Spotlight: Kenneth Chu
    Please enjoy this unique spotlight on Dr. Ken Chu and his retirement after a long and prolific career being a champion within CRCHD and NCI.
  • Jeffrey Henderson
    Dr. Jeff Henderson, a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and founder of the Black Hills Center for American Indian Health is stepping up the level of Native American Research as a CRCHD research participant and collaborator with CRCHD Community Networks Program Grantee Dr Dedra S. Buchwald.
  • Levi Garraway
    Take a closer look at the life of Dr. Levi Garraway and the pivotal role he plays in the area of cancer health disparities research.
  • Michelle Stewart
    Read more about a fascinating and crucial cancer drug discovery from CRCHD F31 Grantee Michelle Stewart.


  • Gregory and Kandis Adams
    Learn more about Gregory and Kandis Adams, a couple dedicated to using their passion for medicine and science to positively impact cancer health disparities.
  • 2010 AACR Abstracts: Highlights
    Browse through this concentrated list of abstracts from CRCHD grantees who presented at the 2010 AACR Conference on the Science of Cancer Health Disparities Meeting.
  • GMaP Summit: Highlights
    Read through a brief summary of CRCHD grantee activity as it hosts its first Geographical Manangement Program Summit.
  • Professional Development Workshop: Highlights
    Take an in-depth look at CRCHD's recognition of its CURE trainees who presented at the CURE Professional Development Workshop Podium and Poster presentation.
  • Recent Activities for AACR-MICR
    Dr. Amelie Ramirez, a Principal Investigator with CRCHD's Community Networks Program, received the Jane Cooke Wright Lecturship Award at the AACR 101st 2010 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. Please click above to learn more about her and the award lecture.
  • A Celebration of Life: Roberta Rosenfeld
    Read the story of Roberta Rosenfeld, a dedicated career navigator who will be remembered fondly by all whom she touched.
  • Daniel Hughes
    Find out more about how Dr. Daniel Hughes is becoming a trail-blazer in cancer health disparities research.



Updated: 05/09/11