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CRCHD Spotlights

Here is an in-depth look at special CRCHD events as well as specific CRCHD staff, investigators, grantees, and trainees, focusing on their contributions to the field of cancer health disparities and cancer health disparities research.


Grantee & Program Spotlights

  • New! Program Spotlight: UMB CURE Scholars Pilot Program Attracts Middle School Students to Careers in Science
  • New! Special Spotlight: A Tribute to Dr. Steven Neil Wolff, NCI/CRCHD PACHE Grantee
    (November 5, 1948-October 31, 2014)
  • Veena Rao
    Meet CRCHD grantee Dr. Veena Rao, who is unraveling the mysteries of the BRCA1 gene and its role in breast and ovarian cancer in diverse populations, particularly African American women.
  • Isabel Scarinci
    Learn about CRCHD grantee's advocacy work to bring equal breast and cervical cancer care to Latina immigrants living in Alabama.
  • Program Spotlight: University of Puerto Rico and MD Anderson PACHE Partnership Welcomes Its First Graduates
  • Dana-Lynn Koomoa-Lange
    Read about CRCHD grantee Dr. Dana-Lynn Koomoa, who is working towards identifying biomarkers for advanced neuroblastoma in children with a hope to develop new therapies to thwart the disease.
  • Program Spotlight: PACHE Partners Meet to Discuss Future of Program and Better Ways to Advance Cancer Health Equity
  • Kimberly Payne
    Meet CRCHD grantee Dr. Kimberly Payne, who is evaluating why a specific form of childhood leukemia has a high mortality rate in  Hispanic and Native American children compared to other populations, and is seeking new treatments for the disease.
  • Harold Lovvorn
    Get to know CRCHD grantee Dr. Harold Lovvorn, a prominent scientist who is taking his pediatric cancer research even further - to include child cancer patients from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds.
  • Katherine Briant
    Learn about the community cancer outreach and research efforts of CRCHD grantee Ms. Katherine Briant, who is working to improve the health of Hispanics and Native Americans in Washington state.
  • Donita Brady
    Meet CRCHD grantee Dr. Donita Brady, who is investigating copper as a means to slow cancer growth in patients with melanoma.
  • Sunday Akintoye
    Read about CRCHD grantee Dr. Sunday Akintoye, who is studying the biology of bone cells to reduce head and neck cancer treatment complications.
  • Rafael Guerrero-Preston
    Meet CRCHD grantee Dr. Rafael Guerrero-Preston who is exploring genetic factors that underlie head and neck cancer disparities.
  • Program Spotlight: CRCHD Celebrates 2014 Professional Development Workshop Scientific Poster Winners
  • Program Spotlight: CRCHD Holds Mock Grant Review for CURE Scholars
  • Joseph Agyin
    Read about CRCHD grantee Dr. Joseph Kofi Agyin, who is studying bone-targeted proteasome inhibitors to cure multiple myeloma.
  • Kurt Weiss
    Meet CRCHD grantee Dr. Kurt Richard Weiss, who having survived from osteosarcoma in his teens is now studying the cell biology of the rare cancer to save others' lives.
  • Manuel Penichet
    Learn more about CRCHD grantee Dr. Manuel Penichet, who is investigating new cancer immunotherapies for treating multiple myeloma.
  • Elisa Rodriguez
    Read about CRCHD grantee Dr. Elisa Rodriguez, who is using community-based education and outreach to increase biospecimen donations among Hispanics and African Americans.
  • Shawna Hudson
    Enjoy this spotlight on CRCHD grantee Dr. Shawna Hudson, whose research focuses on disparities in cancer treatment and screenings in primary care settings.
  • Beatriz Carreno
    Learn more about Dr. Beatriz Carreno, a CRCHD grantee who is studying the use of vaccines as a potential cure for metastatic melanoma.
  • Julie Dang
    Read this spotlight on Julie Dang, Administrative Core Director and Community Health Educator for the Asian American Network for Cancer Awareness and Training (AANCART).
  • Daniel Petereit
    Learn more about Dr. Daniel Petereit, CRCHD grantee and exemplary oncologist who studies smoking cessation in American Indians.
  • Levi Garraway
    Enjoy this spotlight on former CURE trainee Dr. Levi Garraway, the recent recipient of the Jane Cook Wright Lectureship Award at this year's AACR Annual Conference in San Diego, CA.
  • Jill Macoska
    Enjoy this spotlight on CRCHD U54 grantee Dr. Jill Macoska, whom has recently been instated as Director of the new Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy (CPCT) at the University of Massachusetts in Boston.
  • Special Spotlight: Remembering Dr. Alessandra Bini
    Celebrate the life of CRCHD Program Director Dr. Alessandra Bini by reading through this special tribute that seeks to remember her stellar achievements and honor her memory.
  • Nathan Ellis
    Learn more about CRCHD U01 grantee Dr. Nathan Ellis and his work in the field of colorectal cancer research, specifically related to the African American population.
  • New Mexico State University (NMSU)
    Read through this spotlight on an exciting cancer research training initiative from New Mexico State University (NMSU) that seeks to recruit greater numbers of Native Americans and Hispanics for careers in cancer research.
  • Marcia Cruz-Correa
    Please read this in-depth spotlight on Dr. Marcia Cruz-Correa, a CRCHD grantee whose team helped her discover a link between human papillomavirus (HPV) and colorectal cancer.
  • University of Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Center (UPRCCC)
    Find out more about how the University of Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Center (UPRCCC) broke ground on their long-awaited cancer hospital.
  • Special Spotlight: Remembering Dr. Patricia Lorenzo
    Join us in remembering former CRCHD grantee Dr. Patricia Lorenzo, a formidable presence that left her indelible mark on the cancer research community.
  • Antoinette Ayers
    Learn more about Antoinette Ayers, a Community Health Educator who works tirelessly to make health services more accessible to the people in her area.

Monthly Spotlights


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