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UTHSCSA Patient Navigation Research Program


    Donald J. Dudley, M.D.


    University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio



Project Description

The UTHSCSA Patient Navigation Research Program will build on an existing UTHSCSA National Center of Excellence in Women's Health navigation program in conjunction with the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District and University Health System. The study will address screening, treatment, and navigation of women with breast and cervical cancer, including cervical dysplasia. Approximately two-thirds of the population targeted for recruitment will be Hispanics/Latinos, in addition to whites, American Indians, African Americans, and other ethnic and minority groups. Navigators will be matched with promotoras, along with active involvement from clinical oncologists, using evidence-based guidelines to form a cancer care team for participants in the study.

Partners working in collaboration with the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio (UTHSCSA) will address questions concerning cost-effectiveness, timeliness of care, impact of navigation on patient satisfaction, cancer outcomes, and the general health of the population.