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Patient Navigation in the Safety Net: CONNECTeDD


    Karen M. Freund, M.D., M.P.H.


    Tracy Battaglia, M.D., M.P.H.


    Boston University Medical Center


    Racial/Ethnic Minorities and Low Income

Project Description

The Patient Navigation in the Safety Net: CONNECTeDD at the Boston University Medical Center will mobilize an intensive patient navigator intervention with six community health centers to meet the health and welfare needs of women in Boston's socially and economically challenged urban neighborhoods. Each site will be randomly assigned to either breast or cervical cancer patient navigation and will provide a culturally competent navigator matched to the race/ethnicity of the patient.

The project's goal is to significantly improve access to and increase cancer screening, early-stage detection, diagnosis, and treatment by creating an intervention that: (1) reduces time to diagnosis or for resolution of an abnormality after an abnormal mammogram or Pap smear; (2) reduces time to complete treatment and provides higher quality treatment after a cancer diagnosis; (3) improves patient satisfaction with health care services; (4) comprises critical components (i.e., time with patient vs. time coordinating care) which drive its success; and (5) results in more cost-effective care.