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Northwest Tribal Cancer Navigator Program


    Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board


    American Indian/Alaska Native

Project Description

The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, in partnership with the Oregon Health and Science University, the Indian Health Service (IHS), University of Kentucky, and the Office of Native Cancer Survivorship, aim to reduce cancer health disparities by providing a nurse navigator and community navigator, paired as a team. Patient navigation will be carried out in five tribal communities, serving patients with breast, cervical, prostate, and colorectal cancer. Patients are eligible to enroll in the program at any point between an abnormal finding and treatment resolution, either by clinic providers referring patients with a suspicious cancer finding or by providers at local oncology clinics or hospitals who are treating patients with cancer.

Through comparing data from the Northwest Tribal Cancer Navigator Program to historical data, the project's primary goals include: (1) reducing the proportion of late-stage cancers diagnosed among tribal people; (2) improving the continuity of health care for cancer patients; (3) reducing cancer-related morbidity; (4) improving the quality of life and well being of navigated cancer patients; and (5) determining whether the program is a cost-effective approach to reducing cancer health disparities among American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Updated: 07/22/09