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DC City-wide Patient Navigation Research Program


    Steven R. Patierno, Ph.D.


    The George Washington University Cancer Institute


    African American, Hispanic/Latino, and Underserved

Project Description

Investigators at the George Washington University Cancer Institute plan to carry out an unprecedented collaboration with three other major medical institutions (Georgetown University Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Howard University Cancer Center, and Washington Hospital Center Cancer Center), two community partners (Breast Cancer Resource Committee and Nueva Vida), and the District of Columbia Department of Health to create a citywide breast cancer navigation program that will evaluate two different methods of helping African-American and Hispanic/Latino women, as well as women from other underserved populations, navigate the health care system.

Patients will be recruited from several recruiting intake sites (RIS) around the District of Columbia and randomly assigned to standard navigation or navigation enhanced with a linguistically competent peer counselor.

The DC City-wide Patient Navigation Research Program, whose principal focus is breast cancer, aims to evaluate the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of the two navigation techniques and assess the outcomes of the intervention (for example, patient coping styles, communication with providers, and fatalism).

Updated: 07/22/09