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Project Investigator Biography

Clayton D. K. Chong, M.D. Graham A. Colditz, M.D., Dr.PH.

Washington University School of Medicine
660 S. Euclid Ave.
Campus Box 8100
St. Louis, MO 63110
phone: (314)454-7939
alt: (314)454-7940
fax: (314)454-7941

Dr. Colditz has an extensive background in public health with longstanding interest in the causes and prevention of chronic disease. As principal investigator for the Nurses' Health Study (1986-2006) and in the design and implementation of the Growing Up Today study, his work with large population cohorts is exemplary. Other areas of his expertise include tobacco and obesity in relation to cancer and other chronic disease. He has developed the web-based dissemination and implementation tool, "YourDiseaseRisk". He has over 800 peer-reviewed publications, 6 published books, and 6 reports published by the Institute of Medicine.

In addition to research activity, Dr. Colditz has served as a Director of the American Cancer Society (ACS) New England Division (2000-04), on the leadership of the Massachusetts Cancer Control Plan and the Colorectal Cancer Workgroup, and led the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention (HCCP). Through the HCCP, he led numerous prevention and control activities including education and awareness campaigns for the state colorectal cancer workgroup, and the Mayor of Boston's Crusade Against Cancer. For the Crusade, he led the collaborative effort between the ACS and the Boston Public Health Commission, mailing a bilingual information brochure on cancer prevention and screening to all residents of the City of Boston. Dr. Colditz is an internationally recognized leader in cancer prevention and in strategies to speed translation of research findings to prevention and control strategies promoting knowledge of, access to, and use of beneficial biomedical and behavioral procedures to reduce and eliminate cancer disparities.

Dr. Colditz is leader of a large team of research scientists in the Prevention and Control Program at the SCC including many of the CNP researchers. He is a member of Senior Leadership of the SCC with a direct reporting relationship to the Director of the Cancer Center and Dean of the School of Medicine. These functions will ensure that PECaD efforts continue to be well-embedded in the fabric of existing medical center infrastructure promoting sustainability as well as scientific collaboration to advance our goals. Additionally, as Deputy Director of the Institute for Public Health at Washington University, Dr. Colditz positions PECaD to leverage its established community partnerships to promote ongoing university-level community engagement activities that span public health issues relevant to cancer health disparities among racial/ethnic minorities and other underserved populations in our target communities and in other community- and population-based research efforts. As Principal Investigator of the NCI-funded CNP (Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities—PECaD, U01-CA114594), Dr. Colditz has led our CBPR program approach including establishing and maintaining a Network of Community Partners/Community Advisory Groups (CAGs) with a broad goal to engage community members in efforts to reduce and eliminate cancer disparities across the continuum of cancer care, and more narrow goals related to cancer site-specific community-driven priority areas.

Updated: 06/03/13