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CPRCHD Goals and Objectives

The CPRCHD U54 Program is designed to:

  • Increase Minority Serving Institutions’ (MSI) participation in cancer research and research training.
  • Increase the involvement and effectiveness of NCI-designated Cancer Centers (CCs) in developing effective research, education, and outreach programs to encourage diversity among competitive researchers and reduce cancer health disparities.

These partnerships foster and support intensive collaborations to develop stronger cancer programs aimed at understanding the reasons behind significant cancer health disparities among racial and ethnic minority and socio-economically disadvantaged populations.

The CPRCHD program charges participating MSIs and NCI-designated CCs to combine their different levels of expertise and experience in a “true partnership” for mutual benefit. These partnerships are expected to achieve the following general objectives:

1) Increase the participation of MSIs in the nation’s cancer research and research training enterprise
2) Produce more competitive grant applications from minority scientists
3) Increase competitive research capacity at MSIs
4) Increase involvement and effectiveness of Cancer Centers in research and training related to underserved populations
5) Develop more effective research, outreach, and education programs that will have an impact on ethnic minority and the underserved populations
6) Enhance research in cancer health disparities at Cancer Centers.

The CPRCHD U54 grant targets four areas: cancer research, cancer training, cancer outreach, and cancer education. The first three target areas are required, while cancer education is optional. The program supports pilot and/or full projects/programs for a maximum period of 3 years, after which they are expected to compete for "traditional" NIH/NCI peer-reviewed grants.

CPRCHD Graphic of the Partnership Model

View a graphic representation of the CPRCHD partnership model in which strengths of each partnering institution and objectives of the program are linked together.

Updated: 08/05/10