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CPRCHD Graphic of Partnership Model

CPRCHD Synergistic Partnership Model

The CPRCHD model is based on the principles of equality where the Minority Serving Institutions' (MSI) strengths such as education, minority training, and community trust and participation and the Cancer Centers' (CC) strengths such as cancer research expertise, state-of-the-art cancer facilities and state-of-the-art cancer treatments are brought together for the mutual benefit of both partner institutions. The combination of strengths from the MSI and CC will lead to the achievement of four specific goals to 1) build research capacity and training at MSIs, 2) create stable, long-term collaborations between MSIs and CCs in research, training, career development, and outreach; 3) improve effectiveness of CC research, education, and outreach for underserved populations; and 4) export successful approaches for addressing disparities to all CCs and other key networks and consortiums of the program. The ultimate goal of the CPRCHD program is to make strides toward eliminating cancer health disparities.

Updated: 08/05/10