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The CCNY/MSKCC Partnership for Research, Training and Outreach

Partnership Abstract

This partnership plans to establish the City College of New York/Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (U54) Partnership for Cancer Research, Training and Community Outreach. The first objective is to develop programs of translational research in cell biology, immunology, and biomedical engineering. The second objective is to expand and consolidate collaborative programs of multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary research in cancer disparities. The third objective is to mobilize Partnership resources to collaborate with diverse communities in innovative ways, to define and address cancer disparities at the local level, and to point the way to broader solutions that may be disseminated and tested in future research. The fourth objective is to attract and retain students interested in cancer research, and in particular minority students, through active recruitment, enhanced education and training opportunities, and increased mentorship and support. The fifth objective is to expand and integrate the personnel, resources, and environment needed for scientific collaboration. Our institutions continue to discover new ways to combine our complementary strengths and resources to address scientific problems, provide unique training opportunities, and meet the challenges of health disparities.

Updated: 04/30/12