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Lincoln University-Fox Chase Partnership in Cancer Research and Training

Partnership Abstract

The overarching goals of the Lincoln University- Fox Chase Cancer Center Partnership in Cancer Research and Training are to create a cadre of well trained and experienced cancer researchers at Lincoln University oriented toward reducing cancer health disparities, to foster such research at the Cancer Center, and to create a pipeline of students with laboratory experience who choose to further their education in cancer biology, population science, and medicine.

This cooperative effort will accomplish the following objectives: 1) expose Lincoln University faculty and students to research conducted at Fox Chase in the areas of cancer biology and population science; 2) enhance Fox Chase and Lincoln's collaborative research efforts and networking opportunities through increased participation in scientific conferences; 3) introduce basic cancer principles through workshops, seminars, lectures, community/university outreach, and academic instruction; 4) publish joint research publications; 5) incorporate team-based projects that will generate a steady pipeline of students to continue advanced studies in the nation's top graduate institutions; and 6) create competitive minority scientists that are successful in receiving funding for addressing cancer health disparities.

The ultimate ambition for this partnership is to establish a strategic academic collaboration with Lincoln University to implement research and education that highlights populations with health disparities. The instruction of minority and majority scientists at Lincoln and Fox Chase about cancer health imbalances will increase the sensitivity toward this issue and augment the number of capable researchers available to address this present dilemma.

Updated: 04/30/12