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Alec J. Davidson, Ph.D. Alec J. Davidson, Ph.D.

Morehouse School of Medicine
Neoroscience Institute, Morehouse School of Medicine
720 Westview Dr. SW,
Atlanta, GA 30310
phone: (404) 752-1703
fax: (404) 752-1041

Dr. Davidson became PI of a P20 partnership with Emory’s Winship Cancer Institute in 2007. Prostate cancer is a major health disparity for African Americans, and the role of biological timing in the generation and progression of this cancer is important and understudied. He is developing newly engineered mouse models and new biological imaging modalities to effectively study this question. He and his colleagues hypothesize that enhancement of biological timing through changes in lighting schedules or nutrition may help to slow or prevent this cancer and others.

The research program in Dr. Davidson’s lab is focused on the elucidation of the role of biological timing in health and disease. Using animal models of shift work and of cancer, research projects are aimed at developing strategies to minimize the impact of disruption of circadian rhythms on health outcomes, especially in the aged. His mouse model of chronic jet lag simulates some aspects of long-term rotating shift work, and leads to higher mortality. Dr. Davidson and his colleagues are currently determining what diseases appear in these mice, in order to relate them to human shift work syndrome, to understand the mechanisms that cause them, and to determine strategies to alleviate the problem.

Dr.Davidson received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. He then continued on to University of Virginia where he completed his postdoctoral fellowship.

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Leland W. Chung, Ph.D.
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