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UMB/DFHCC Comprehensive Cancer Center Partnership Program

Partnership Abstract

This partnership describes plans to develop a comprehensive partnership between the University Of Massachusetts Boston (UMB) and the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DFHCC). The goal of the partnership is to address health disparities in minority populations, and to improve research, training, and outreach opportunities for minority students, nurses, and scientists. It focuses on three areas: 1) collaborative cancer research; 2) shared cancer training efforts; and 3) cancer outreach.

The goals are to: 1) develop interdisciplinary programs of collaborative research that stimulate basic cancer research at UMB and health disparities research at both UMB and DFHCC; 2) increase cancer-focused training opportunities for minority students, post-doctoral fellows and nursing PhD students; 3) increase community outreach, cancer education, and dissemination of evidence-based programs; and 4) develop shared mechanisms for minority faculty recruitment and career development. Research include a focus on population science, and basic science; training programs include a focus on training (fast-track to PhD program for minority nursing students and training opportunities for minority students in research laboratories), and an outreach program. The progress of this initial pilot projects/programs, as well as the development of future collaborative research, training, and outreach initiatives, will be carefully monitored by the Planning and Evaluation Core, supervised by a diverse and highly committed Internal Advisory Board and external Program Steering Committee.

Updated: 04/30/12