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Project Investigator Biography

Simone Heyliger, Ph.D. Simone Heyliger, Ph.D.

Hampton Univ.
Hampton Univ., 100 E. Queen Street,
Administration Bldg. Room 100,
Hampton, VA 23668
phone: (757) 727-5213
fax: (757) 727-5840

Dr. Simone Heyliger is an Associate Professor in the School of Pharmacy at Hampton University, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She has a leadership role at Hampton University as well, serving on the SACS University Accreditation Committee and as Chair of the Hampton University Committee on Faculty Research; the committee which is charged with evaluating proposals submitted by HU faculty members to obtain research funds. In the past, Dr. Heyliger has served on the advisory board to the current Hampton-UPCI Cancer Education/Career Development Partnership and as a grant reviewer for the School of Nursing Project Export-faculty Development program.

Dr. Heyliger is the program director and coordinator/leader of Project 1 in the Environment Oncology PACHE partnership between Hampton University and UPCI. This PACHE partnership is charged with introducing undergraduate students to cancer epidemiology and training minority faculty members in the latest techniques used in cancer research, as well as with elucidating underlying by which certain organophosphate pesticides may promote genomic instability.

Dr. Heyliger has spent the last years 8 years at Hampton University building infrastructure and establishing a biomedical research program on the campus of Hampton University. Toward this aim, he was instrumental in the writing of an Minority Biomedical Research Support Equipment supplement award which enabled the School of Pharmacy (and Hampton University) to purchase a real-time thermal cycler, Versadoc Gel Documentation System, 300mHZ NMR, GC Spectrophotometer, ultracentrifuge, FTIR spectrophotometer, Beckman spectrophotometer and a Guava personal flow cytometer. Through Dr Heyliger’s ATSDR grant and her previous MBRS subproject grant, Dr. Heyliger was directly able to purchase an Experion Electrophoresis System (analogous to the Agilent bioanalyzer), CO2 incubators, Epifluorscent Microscope with imaging system, Scintillation counter, film developer, microplate luminometer and centrifuges. All of the aforementioned instruments are available for utilization by investigators from the School of Pharmacy and Departments of Biological Sciences and Chemistry.

Dr. Heyliger obtained her Ph.D. from Florida A & M University in Pharmaceutical Sciences and her B.S. in biology from the University of the Virgin Islands. After graduation from Florida A&M University, Dr. Heyliger served as a post-doctoral fellow at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIH and as a post-doctoral scholar at Penn State University College of Medicine.

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Other Project Investigator
Emanuela Taioli, M.D., Ph.D., M.S.
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