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Partnership for the Advancement of Cancer Research: NMSU-FHCRC

Partnership Abstract

Expanding the collaboration between New Mexico State University (NMSU) and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC) is recognition of the need to create more institutions that have competitive research programs, to recruit more underrepresented individuals into cancer research, and to increase the attention to cancer health disparities research. The partnership objectives are to; 1) increase the capacity of NMSU to conduct competitive research. 2) Create a long-standing partnership in cancer research training and education for undergraduate and graduate students. 3) Develop an outreach proposal to evaluate a way to bring public health intervention to communities suffering from cancer health disparities utilizing the efficacy of the promotora approach in fostering cervical cancer screening behavior change.

An effort to expand outreach efforts in the state will be developed based on a new faculty hire and an existing network of Cooperative Extension Service offices. Mutual benefits will accrue to both institutions. NMSU has a majority of minority and underrepresented students, but not the expertise and experience to recruit and train students in cancer research. A major benefit of this grant will be to establish an infrastructure whereby underrepresented students have opportunities and resources to become cancer researchers. The FHCRC is deeply committed to increasing the number of minority and underrepresented group members involved in cancer research. Collaboration with scientists at NMSU also provides opportunities for new types of research that are of interest to FHCRC scientists.

Updated: 04/30/12