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Breast Cancer Resources

What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer

This booklet on breast cancer discusses symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, emotional issues, and questions to ask the doctor. Includes glossary of terms and other resources.
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NCI's Breast Cancer Home Page

A resource about breast cancer discussing treatment, prevention, screening, and clinical trials.
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Do It Yourself brochure cover

Do it for yourself, Do it for your Family

Encourages women in their forties and older to get a mammogram every 1 to 2 years.
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Mammograms Not Just Once But for a Lifetime

A two-page easy-to-read pamphlet that defines mammography, explains who needs this important examination, and describes the procedure.
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Screening Mammograms: Questions and Answers

A fact sheet that defines screening mammograms and their advantages and limitations. Lists incidence rates and risk factors for breast cancer.
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Every Woman Should Know about These 2 Tests

A bilingual information card that provides information about mammograms and pap tests.
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Common Breast Changes: Things to Know brochure cover

Common Breast Changes: Things to Know

Discusses finding breast changes and answers common questions about next steps in case of abnormal mammogram results. Provides a chart listing possible mammogram results and follow-up care.
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Understanding Breast Changes

Information on specific breast conditions and changes, including how these changes are detected, diagnosed and treated. Explains that while most breast changes are not cancer, all breast changes need to be checked by a doctor. Helps women understand the next steps after an abnormal mammogram result, and includes a list of questions to help women talk with their doctor about these issues.
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Inflammatory Breast Cancer

A fact sheet about the diagnosis and treatment of an uncommon type of breast cancer, in which the breast becomes red, swollen, and warm.
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Oral Contraceptives and Cancer Risk

A fact sheet about research on the risk of developing cancer of the breast, cervix, liver, and ovary from the use of oral contraceptives.
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Surgery Choices for Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer

Describes surgeries to treat early-stage breast cancer for women with this type of cancer.
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Tamoxifen: Questions and Answers

A fact sheet that describes the action, risks, benefits, and side effects of tamoxifen, a drug that interrupts the estrogen hormone connection to breast cancer.
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Adjuvant Therapy for Breast Cancer: Questions and Answers

A fact sheet that explains types of adjuvant therapies (treatment given in addition to primary therapy), discusses side effects, risks, and benefits of adjuvant therapy.
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Updated: 03/21/12