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Grantees' Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a minority supplement and an administrative supplement?
A minority supplement is a one-time request for funding to train high school, college, graduate students, post-docs, and/or junior investigators on your existing NCI grant. he application request is submitted to the Diversity Training Branch.

How do I apply for an administrative supplement?
Address a letter to the Program Director indicating what is requested, a justification, and a detailed budget. Administrative supplements are generally only for one year. This letter should have the signature of your Business Officer/Financial Officer. You can apply for an administrative supplement twice during a Fiscal Year, October 1 to December 1 and March 1 to May 1

How/when do I find out if my supplement was approved?
Contact your Program Director.

When/how do I start to use an administrative supplement?
Contact your Program Director to see if the supplement was approved. If the supplement was approved, contact your Business Office to see if they received the e-mailed approval, which would allow you to begin to use the funds.

How do I see how much money is still left in the grant?
Always contact your own Business Office first. They should have a full accounting of the monies in your account. Then contact the Grant Specialist handling your grant. In addition, keep your Program Director aware of these activities. This is particularly important near the end of the fiscal year. Check on your funds at least quarterly.

How do I apply for a diversity supplement to a grant?
You can apply at any time. Applying earlier in the fiscal year, however, is generally better than later in the fiscal year. It is an one time application good for the life of the grant or until the students complete their work, which ever occurs first. Applicants can not be on the existing grant. A diversity supplement is for new students who wish to join the grant activities. You can use a range of students from high school to junior investigators. In addition, you must be approved for Phase II before you can apply for a diversity supplement. The instructions are at:

Updated: 03/21/12