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Asian American Network for Cancer Awareness Research and Training (AANCART)

Principal Investigator: Moon Chen (

Pilot PI Project Title Award Date
Juo, Shu-Hang BRCA1/2 and Other Genetic Factors Among Asian American Breast Cancer Families in New York City 9/24/2001
Ponce, Ninez Does Competition Equally Benefit Minority Groups 9/24/2001
Tu, Shin-Ping Computer-based Cancer Education Among Chinese Americans 9/27/2002
Watanabe, Jill End of Life Decision-making in Southeast Asian Families 9/27/2002
Sun, Angela Quality of Life and Chinese Cancer Patients 9/27/2002
Yoo, Grace Risk Factors, Cervical Cancer and Young Asian Women 9/27/2002
Jo, Angela Understanding Colorectal Cancer Screening Among Korean Americans 9/27/2002
Wong, Sabrina Asian Americans: Factors Influencing Colorectal Screening 9/26/2003
McCarthy, William J. Eastern vs. Western ways to Quit Smoking in Korean Americans/AANCART 9/26/2003
Choe, John Hepatitis B Knowledge & Practices Among Korean Americans 9/26/2003
Senie, Ruby T. Home Health Care Use Among Chinese & Korean Families 9/26/2003
Ngo-Metzger, Quyen Hospice Use and Patterns of Care at the End of Life Among Older Asian Americans Dying with Cancer 6/17/2003
Lai, Cindy Liver Cancer Prevention: Chinese American Factors 9/26/2003
Hu, Kent Tobacco Use Among Chinese American Men 9/26/2003
Ko, Clifford Understanding Disparities in Colorectal Cancer Outcomes 6/17/2003
Coronado, Gloria ESL Curriculum for HBV Testing in Chinese Americans 9/14/2004
Lee, Soo-Kyung Evaluation of Acculturation scales in relation to Health Behaviors in Korean Americans 9/14/2004
Ahluwalia, Kavita Oral Cancer in South Asian Seniors in New York City 9/14/2004

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Updated: 07/23/09