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SPN Program Achievements

The SPN Program changed the paradigm for addressing health disparities through the building of relationships between large research institutions and community-based programs. In addition to establishing sustainable community partnerships, the 18 SPN projects achieved success in three areas: (1) establishing a continuum of culturally appropriate cancer awareness and education activities; (2) conducting community-based cancer control and prevention research; and (3) training junior minority investigators.

In the 5 years of the Program, SPN grantees have:

  • Created more than 300 formal partnerships with community-based organizations
  • Conducted more than 1,000 cancer awareness activities
  • Trained more than 2,000 community and lay health workers in cancer awareness and cancer control
  • Trained and mentored more than 150 minority researchers
  • Launched the research careers of first-time minority investigators by obtaining NCI funding for more than 100 pilot research projects
  • Authored more than 290 peer-reviewed scientific publications
  • Leveraged CRCHD funding by obtaining in excess of $20.5 million from additional sources for training, cancer awareness, and research activities (including $6 million for cancer awareness activities, $7 million for research in special populations, and $7 million for training minority researchers)

The most significant achievement of the SPN Program is the establishment of a follow-on program - the Community Networks Program for another 5 years at a commitment of $95 million. With 25 grantees, the CNP is building on the accomplishments of the SPN to reduce cancer health disparities at the community level.

Achievements of Individual SPN Projects

The list of SPN Projects provides links to the specific accomplishments of each of the 18 grantees. View the full bibliography of Special Population Networks scientific publications.

Updated: 07/23/09