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Cancer Awareness Network for Immigrant Minority Populations (CANIMP)

Principal Investigator: Francesca Gany, M.D. (

Pilot PI Project Title Award Date
Changrani, Jyotsna Culturally Appropriate Cancer Information Sites for Immigrants: A Proposal for Development of a Prototype 8/24/2001
Trinh, Chau Cervical and Breast Cancer in Mexicans 9/23/2002
Tso, Alan An Evaluation and Continuation of a Gastric Cancer Screening Effort in Chinese Immigrants in New York City 9/16/2003
Trinh, Chau Determinants of Physician Referrals of First-Generation Immigrants in Cancer Screening and Clinical Trials 9/16/2003
Finlay, Alyssa Determinants Which Influence the Participation of Immigrant Chinese in Cancer Screening Clinical Trials 9/16/2003
Changrani, Jyotsna Smokeless Tobacco, Oral Pathology Prevention And Awareness Network (STOP PAAN) 9/16/2003
Tsang, Thomas Colorectal Cancer Pilot Study in Chinese Americans 8/5/2004
Shah, Nirav Language Barriors to Colonoscopy Screening 7/27/2004
Francois, Fritz Screening for Colorectal Cancer and Prevention in Ethnic Minorities: The Haitian Immigrant Community 8/5/2004

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Updated: 07/23/09