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Deep South Network for Cancer Control

Principal Investigator: Edward E. Partridge, M.D. (

Pilot PI Project Title Award Date
Adams, Alfred Black Physicians and Cancer Research: Overcoming Barriers 5/1/2002
Lyons, Margaret Psychosocial Impact of Cancer in Rural/Urban Women 5/1/2002
Martin, Michelle Teaching Physicians to Communicate Effectively 5/1/2002
Weber, Joseph Cancer Disparity in the DSN: A Multiscale GIS Analysis 5/7/2002
Houston, Thomas Community Health Advisors and Technology - CHAT 5/7/2002
Simon, Cassandra Experience with Cancer and CHA Effectiveness 9/27/2002
Ross, Levi Information Seeking and African Americans 5/7/2002
Person, Sharina D. Bridging Racial Gaps in Mammography via Providers 9/17/2003
Anderson-Lewis, Charkarra Community Health Advisor Curriculum on Smoking Cessation 9/29/2003
Schoenberger, Yu-Mei Evaluation of a Tailored Cervical Cancer Risk Assessment 9/17/2003
Scarinci-Searles, Isabel HPV Vaccine Acceptibility: An Exploratory Study 9/17/2003
Parham, Groesbeck P. NCI-5aDay Feasibility Study for CHA's: Modified vs. Standard Version 9/17/2003
Mayfield-Johnson, Susan Transforming Self-Efficacy & Locus of Control in CHARPS 8/23/2004

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Updated: 07/23/09