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'Imi Hale, the Native Hawaiian Cancer Research and Training Network)

Principal Investigator: Clayton Chong (

Pilot PI Project Title Award Date
Goodhue, William Examining the Relationship Between Prognostic Factors and Stage of Diagnosis and 3-year Survival Among Breast Cancer Patients in Hawaii Across Ethnic Groups 9/14/2001
Mordan, Lawrence Native Hawaiian Research Training Using the Search for Anticancer Compounds in Hawaiian Medicinal Plants 9/14/2001
Chang, Healani Developing a Program to Decrease Tobacco Use 9/24/2002
Mokuau, Noreen Exploring the Feasibility of a Family ('Ohana) Intervention to Promote the Well-Being of Families of Native Hawaiian Women with Breast Cancer 9/24/2002
Kaopua, Lana Exploring the Feasibility of Ho'oponopono for Enhancing Adjustment & Adaptation to Breast Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment Among Native Hawaiians 9/24/2002
Kaanoi, Momi Piloting a Culturally Appropriate Intervention to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening Among Native Hawaiians 9/24/2002
Chai, Dennis Feasibility of an After-School Program to Reduce Obesity in Hawaiian Youth 9/15/2003
Gellert, Kapuaolaokalaniakea S. Nasal Ciliary Function in Hawaiians 5/15/2003
Kulukuluanani, Manny Developing Cancer Education Brochures that are Attractive, Readable and Acceptable to Native Hawaiians 6/23/2004
Else, 'Iwalani Examining Adolescent Cigarette Use in Hawaii 6/23/2004
Aitaoto, Nia Working with Samoan Churches to Design a Culturally Appropriate Church-based Intervention to Improve Cancer Screening 6/23/2004

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Updated: 07/23/09