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Implementation Phases

The work of the SPNs was carried out in three phases.

Phase I: Capacity Building (Year 1)

  • Launched a variety of cancer awareness activities within targeted communities, and community groups worked with private- and public-sector organizations to develop project plans.
  • Established cancer awareness and education activities while building a community infrastructure for research participation.
  • Publicized benefits to communities of serving as partners in cancer control research.

Phase II: Structuring Formal Partnerships (Years 2-3)

  • Established formal partnerships with research organizations, educational institutions, and clinical groups and developed plans for community pilot projects.
  • Increased minority participation in clinical trials, enhanced research training opportunities for minority junior scientists and community-based partners, and facilitated planning and pursuit of pilot research projects in collaboration with research partners.

Phase III: Partnerships Develop Into Community-Based Cancer Control Consortia (Years 4-5)

  • Used information from pilot projects to develop follow-on investigator initiated research grant applications and enhance the infrastructure developed in the first and second phases.
  • Organized partnerships into ongoing community-based "consortia" that are actively engaged in a spectrum of pilot research projects and committed to sustaining cancer awareness and control activities.
Updated: 07/23/09