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Latin American Cancer Research Coalition (LACRC)

Principal Investigator: Elmer E. Huerta, M.D., M.P.H. (

Pilot PI Project Title Award Date
Cox, Lisa Examining Tobacco in Hispanic Americans 9/23/2002
Kaufman, Elizabeth Knowledge and Perceived Risks of Breast Cancer in Latinas 7/2/2002
Huerta, Elmer Reminders to Increase Participation of Latinas to RCTs 7/2/2002
Kreling, Barbara Beliefs and Perceptions of Chemotherapy Among Latinas 9/17/2003
O'Malley, Ann Reducing Colorectal Cancer in Uninsured Latinos 6/4/2003
Sheppard, Vanessa Navigating Latinas Through Breast Cancer Treatment 6/4/2004
Figueiredo, Melissa Quality of Life in Latin Breast Cancer Survivors 6/4/2004
Haider, Muhuiddin Social Marketing Strategies for Latino Cancer Prevention 9/14/2004

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Updated: 07/23/09