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Principal Investigator: Amelie G. Ramirez, Dr. P.H. (

Pilot PI Project Title Award Date
Parra-Medina, Deborah South Carolina Partnership for Cancer Prevention 9/6/2001
Scarinci-Searles, Isabel Cervical Cancer Primary Prevention in Latina Immigrants 6/25/2002
Perez, Martin Alberto Coping and Quality of Life in Latino Cancer Patients 9/25/2002
Natale-Pereira, Ana Improving Colon Cancer Screening Among Hispanic/Latinos 9/25/2002
Talavera, Gregory Smoking Cessation in Latinos Using Pharmacotherapy 6/25/2002
Johnson, Mark Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Among Hispanics 9/19/2003
Yepes-Rios, Monica Colorectal Cancer Screening: Identifying Barriers to Screening in the Latino Population 9/19/2003
Napoles-Springer, Anna Enhancing the Participation of Latinas in Breast Cancer Support Groups 9/19/2003
Kirsner, Robert Perception of Risk of Skin Cancer in Hispanic Students 9/19/2003
Denberg, Thomas D. Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Among Latino Men 9/19/2003
Lopez, Ana The Feasibility of Telecolposcopy in Gynecology Clinic 9/19/2003
Salas-Lopez, Debbie A Cultural Competency Cancer Education Program 5/21/2004
Garcia, Francisco Increase Hispanic Enrollment in GYN CA Trial 5/21/2004
Sandoval-Cros, Carlos Latinas' Perception of Genetic Testing for BR/OV Cancer 5/21/2004
Ziv, Elad Mammographic Density and Genetic Admixture Among Latinas 5/21/2004
Diaz-Arrastia, Concepcion The Natural History of HPV Infection in Aging Latinas 5/21/2004

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Updated: 07/23/09